KARACHI     -     Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal has said that political parties are fragmenting into pieces just one year after their victory in elections, owing to their own incompetence, whereas PSP, despite losing the polls, is emerging as the strongest political force of the country.

Addressing at a crowded press conference at Pakistan Secretariat on Thursday, Kamal deplored that people were falling prey to the unabated incidents of electrocutions, rabies, and even now due to garbage-borne diseases, dengue, AIDS etc, but no government was paying any heed to the sufferings of the poor masses.

“The corruption is at its peak in Sindh government. Even the poison to kill stray dogs are fake and of inferior quality, as stray dogs, instead of being killed after consuming such poisonous tablets, are becoming more lethal,” he added.

Kamal said: “They are biting people at every nook and corner of the metropolis as corrupt elements are filling their own pockets with money which should have been used for protection of public lives from rabies cases.”

He also asked questions as to how long masses would tolerate injustice, with making the already corrupt, incompetent and cruel rulers stronger by tolerating their cruelty.

Those who are burying their children quietly, are actually brutal themselves. People should come out of their homes and raise voice against the brutality and violations of their rights by the cruel rulers, he added.

Kamal said: “Country is at a very crucial crossroad, and can’t afford any sort of unrest.”

To a query, Kamal said the Dharna example had been set by the incumbent government of PTI. In democracy, Kamal said the peaceful protest was everyone’s constitutional right. No one has right to forcibly stop any peaceful protest or sit-ins, he added.

PSP President Anis Kaimkhani and members of National Council and Central Executive Committee were also present on this occasion. Whereas Mir Shams Mengal - a key political figure of Balochistan Province joined PSP along with hundreds of workers, ending years-long association with Balochistan Awami Party (BAP).

Kamal further said that PSP had fielded it’s candidates across 60 percent part of Balochistan in 2018 general elections, however Kamal said now the party’s organisational set-up stretched to every district of the province.

Commenting on the health condition of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, PSP supremo said that he had been the 3rd time PM of the country. He should be provided with all medical treatments as per his protocol. PSP and its workers are praying for his [Nawaz Sharif’s] speedy recovery in this hard time, and also pray for early ending of examination, he and his family is currently going through.

He further said that Karachites pinned hope that Prime Minister Imran Khan will help resolve their issues as he had contested and won elections from the city and has secured 14 slots, but the PM even not ready to talk to Sindh Chief Minister on the problems of Karachi despite the 18th constitutional amendment. The announcement of PM without meeting the CM is tantamount to betraying the people of  Sindh, Kamal said.

“Either the PM is so naive that he can’t comprehend the fact that federation can’t work in any province without taking into confidence the concerned provincial government, or he is deliberately considering the public as fool.”

He said corruption has attained unprecedented heights during the first year of this government. All segments of the society including business  community, bureaucrats, journalists are worried due to inflation, and unemployment.

Responding to another question, Kamal said that MQM still has three demands, that it had thirty years back.

“Take out any newspaper of 1989, you would find three demands [of MQM] i.e permission for the opening of party offices, recovery of missing persons, and provision of funds. The city’s infrastructure is devastating, but they are busy in their politics.  Water Board is being privatised and water will be sold on commercial basis.  The poor would eventually die of thrust, if water - the fundamental human need was sold on a commercial basis. The move is equal to digging graveyard for the poor.”

Kamal said the outcome of K-Electric’s privatisation is in front of us, as inflated billing and dozens of casualties as result of electrocutions within a few drops of rain are the result of the government’s deal to sell out the Karachi based power utility on a throwaway prices, he said.

He said KE is the subsidiary of Abraj capital. It’s owner Arif Naqvi is considered to be close aid of Imran Khan and one of the key sponsors of PTI. Imran Khan can stop KE’s brutality, and resolve the power issues of Karachi on a single phone call to Naqvi.

PSP chief said that the country’s affairs are disappointing. Under such circumstances, he believes that PSP is the only option. People from all parts of the country are joining PSP.

“We had developed Karachi which is bigger than 62 countries of the world during our Mayorship,” Only PSP has the ability to diagnose the problem of this city and has eligibility and passion to resolve the same.