KARACHI-Faiza Saleem is truly a one-woman show. With her sassy personality and witty humor, she has been in the spotlight for her brilliant standup comedy, with encore demands.

Recently, Saleem launched her own celebrity interview series, ‘2 Minutes with Faiza Saleem’ on her social media pages and here are the five reasons why we can’t get enough of this new web series!

Sweet and short

‘2 Minutes with Faiza Saleem’ is a digital interview-based web series. It’s little different from her usual videos because it presents another flavor to a wide variety that Saleem as an entertainer has to offer. The series is a flawless representation of how being humorous encourages a creative mindset. It is a fast-paced sweet and short interactive web series.

Our favorite superstars

Saleem has a huge social circle and gets along really well with the who’s who of the media industry. Her web series flaunts some of our favorite superstars every week. The superstars that have appeared on the show till now include Faysal Quraishi, Iqra Aziz, Hania Amir, Asim Azhar, Syra Shehroz, Mansha Pasha, Yasir Hussain, Jibran Nasir, and many other prominent names.

Get to know more about our

favorite celebrities

Saleem’s series is interview-based and her videos are satirical in nature giving us a chance to know our favorite celebrities in a completely different style with giggles and loads of fun. Each episode asks celebrity guests to answer questions within a span of only two minutes. The challenge is to answer as many questions as they can. All questions are designed such that you are bound to get a little bit of insight into each celebrity’s life.

Interesting yet humorous Q&A

The series has completed 14 episodes till now and out of all the episodes, Yasir Hussain has managed to give the maximum number of answers (36) in just two minutes including his answer “daneedar” to Saleem’s question “meanest thing you’ve ever said to someone?” Some of our favorite answers include Faysal Quraishi’s “yes, a lot of times” to the question “have you ever farted on the sets?” Hania Amir’s answers commenting on her love life where “Valentine’s day surprise” was the most romantic thing she’d done for someone and “birthday surprise” being the most romantic thing someone had done for her. Also last but not least, Iqra Aziz’s confession about being a little bit fake with people.

The host herself

Famous for sending the audience into fits of laughter, Saleem is the first female social media entertainer in Pakistan and also the first woman of her generation to pursue standup comedy in the country. Moreover, she has led and trained the first all-female comedy troupe, ‘The Khawatoons’. She has to be one of the most charismatic women from our industry and probably one of the reasons we are in love with this series.