LAHORE-The idea of ‘fair is beautiful’ has changed over the years but to ‘only’ some extent. Many brands continue to advertise the fascination for fair skin.

From newspaper to television ads, brands underplay the original skin tone and even target the social status based on skin’s colour. Actress Iqra Aziz has said no to a whitening cream Ad, despite being promised a hefty amount of money.

Iqra’s fiance, actor Yasir Hussain, took to Instagram recently to laud the actor and wrote, “I love you even more for what you did yesterday.”

He added: “It is imperative for me to mention here that it is indeed a bold step that Iqra has taken. Be happy with the way God has created you.”

Earlier, actor Sajal Aly had sparked a controversy on social media when she endorsed a whitening cream brand.