Islamabad    -   Power generation from Mangla Dam was partially restored after it was suspended following the Tuesday’s earthquake.

Meanwhile, Indus River System Authority (IRSA) has handed over the operational control of the reservoir to WAPDA. The electricity supply from Mangla Dam was suspended after the powerful earthquake jolted several parts of the country on Tuesday afternoon.

Initially, the WAPDA’s spokesman said, at the time of the earthquake the Mangla turbines were generating 920 MW of electricity, but the water of the reservoir had become muddy after the earthquake and as a precautionary measure power supply from the dam had to be stopped.

“We are inspecting the reservoir and collecting data from the various installed devices and the turbines will be functional again once their technical evaluation is complete,” the spokesman added.

However, later in the evening, the spokesman informed that the reservoir was safe and the turbines had started functioning again as around 700 MW of electricity was now being added to the national grid from the dam.

Meanwhile, spokesman for the IRSA said that due to the closure owing to earthquake the water flow in the Mangla Dam had reduced to 30,000 Cusecs.

On handing over operational control of Mangla reservoir to WAPDA, the spokesman said that in case of any operational constraint, the Authority was authorized to take a decision keeping in view the safety of the dam and powerhouse structure.

Just prior to the earthquake, 35,000 cusecs of water was being supplied from the reservoir through Upper Jhelum Canal which came down to 30,000 cusecs.

Against the maximum conservation level of 1242 feet, currently water level at Mangla reservoir is 1216.15 feet. The dam is generating 1,120 MW of electricity.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) said that the shutdown had not affected the electricity supply.

“There is no loadshedding of electricity in the country and discos are getting power as per their demand,” the spokesman clarified.