Supreme Court (SC) has set aside orders for regularizing sanitary staff in Sheikh Khalifa bin Zaid hospital.

Justice Gulzar Ahmad while expressing annoyance remarked “ 500 people are recruited where 10 persons are needed. Where 500 employees are needed, two employees are not even appointed therein. The process for appointment of employees is beyond our comprehension.

SC Bench presided over by Justice Gulzar Ahmad took up for hearing regularization of sanitary staff case Wednesday.

Justice Gulzar Ahmad remarked “ all the institutions in the country have become spoiled. The system of entire country is running on adhocism.

He further remarked Political appointments create problems. The endorsement of appointments made on political basis is got made from the cabinet. The approval to political appointments have put us in difficult position.

The law officer said 13 sanitary staff have been regularized. The matter of 36 employees is pending hearing with the court.

The counsel for provincial government said all the employees are not doing government job but they are employees of contractor.

He further said objection was raised on the jurisdiction of service tribunal.

The court declared the order for regularization of employees null and void.

The SC directed Balochistan high court to review the regularization of employees matter.