KARACHI - Police claimed to have gunned down six Afghan-origin bandits in Sohrab Goth in an encounter whereas a gangster was shot dead in Lyari area of Karachi on Monday.

Police, on private vehicles, conducted a raid on a tip-off near Ganna Mandi area of Sohrab Goth at Super Highway.  DSP Qamar Ahmed said the bandits opened indiscriminate fire and hurled grenades to escape when police came close to their hideout. He said further police contingents were also rushed to the spot during the exchange of fire. Six bandits succumbed to their injuries on the way to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. The bodies were shifted to morgue where bandits were later identified as Tahir, Khudadad, Wali Muhammad, Saleem, Naseebullah and Abdul Hannan.

Police said the victims were not affiliated with any militant group but they were operating in the area for the last few months.

DSP Ahmed explained they were involved in the highway robberies, short-term kidnapping and raping the women during house robberies. Police said victim Abdul Hannan was the ringleader of his gang and known as ‘Nanay’ in the area. More than 14 cases were registered against Hannan. He further said all the gang members were Afghan nationals. Weapons including Kalashnikovs and repeaters were also recovered from their possession. Cases were registered against them. Further investigation was underway.

Earlier, an alleged Lyari gangster was killed during an exchange of fire with the rangers. The encounter took place in Saifi Lane area of Lyari where rangers conducted raid on a tip-off.

The raid was conducted at the hideout of Jabbar Jhengu gang where gangsters opened fire as law enforcers came close to the hideout. An alleged gangster Muhammad Junaid was killed during an exchange of fire. He belonged to Jabbar Jhengu group of Lyari and was involved in 18 cases of murders besides numerous cases of extortion, kidnapping for ransom and street crimes.