LAHORE - Rejecting the allegations of former additional secretary Election Commission, ECP member Justice (Retd) Riaz Kiyani said that Afzal Khan’s accusations are bunch of lies and the Chief Justice of Pakistan should take suo moto of the matter.

Addressing a news conference Monday, Kiyani claimed that Khan’s allegations seemed the part of a conspiracy and there was no truth in the utterances of former additional secretary Election Commission. “I have done no wrong,” claimed Kiyani, demanding the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto of the issue. He also claimed, “Afzal Khan wants promotion for one year which was against the rules, and after failing, he made accusations against the Commission in a private TV programme after retirement.”

Kiyani alleged that Afzal Khan was an active member of the PTI and some members of the media knew this fact, while Khan had been launched to defame the constitutional institution like Election Commission under a well-thought conspiracy. He added that Afzal Khan’s interview was pre-planned and fixed match, while the partiality of the anchor person was known to all.

Kiyani claimed it looks like that Afzal Khan was not speaking his mind but the anchor person was putting his words into his mouth. He said that he would devise a strategy on the issue after consulting Chief Election Commissioner and other members. He added that his nomination was made following the rules, while Khan had tried to associate him with a certain political party to seek revenge. 

He said PTI chairman Imran Khan was lying that he was a legal counsel for the Ittefaq Foundries. “I was never associated with foundries.” He rejected the accusations concerning the printing of additional ballot papers from Urdu Bazaar and 90 percent rigging in the general elections of 2013. He also refuted the allegations relating to contacts with Mir Ibrahim and said that he even doesn’t know him.

The Election Commission member said that it was easy to make allegations against someone but it was difficult to prove the same. He added, “I haven’t written any decision of the Commission alone as two members are required to do the job. “

Kiyani said that former chief election commissioner, Fakhruddin G Ibrahim was seriously ill and Afzal Khan’s accusations at this stage were shameful. He added that he would never resign on demand of such persons who were making false claims to fulfil their ulterior motives.