ISLAMABAD - An exhibition of artworks highlighting social issues in various shades and figures by three women artists is ongoing at Nomad Art Gallery.

The exhibition titled "Essence of Rainbow" came as a compensatory opportunity for the residents of the capital to divert their attention from contemporary political situation that is touching the limits of their nerves.

The artists Tayyaba Aziz, Ufaq Ehsan and Muniba Khurram have used oil, acrylic and mixed media in their current artworks to express a multitude of social issues. Muniba Khurram's artworks exhibit a sense of colourful life despite depressive and agonising social onslaught from all social fabrics of society. She has painted in colors of hope and happiness. The graceful and elegant abstract postures of women are representing thought provoking serious deliberations in a beautiful manner of practical implications of life.

Imaginative universe of the artist comprises of flowers, jewels and birds in a meaningful way. Khurram, in one of her artworks, has painted sharp, intensive and stressful social strangulation of women in society where, amid such desolation, women that are presented in strong colours are embracing and consoling each other.

Artist Ufaq Ehsan has reflected the scent, music, mood, manners and memorable meetings with the visitors of her artworks. She displayed the colors stored in her memory with absorbable and expressive variations. The belief of bold and free expression in strong colors seemed to be the core characteristic of her works.

Farah Yaqoob, a visitor at the exhibit, remarked that the display had provided a sense of relief for people like her to expel their stress caused due to prevailing undesirable political situation in the capital.

The exhibition will continue until September 8 from 10:30am to 7:00pm daily except Fridays.