ISLAMABAD- PPP’s lawmakers on Monday in the National Assembly (NA) suggested treasury benches to avoid using inflammatory language in response to the speeches of Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri and make all-out efforts to tackle this situation with patience and sagacity.

These opposition lawmakers assuring their support to fight for democratic system in the country unanimously advised Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif not to step down.

Most of the bigwigs including Prime Minister Nawaz sharif, Opposition Leader Syed Khursheed Shah, JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman and some others did not attend the session. Apparently, due to their absence most of the lawmakers also remained absent from the proceedings, as with the continuous four days presence of the prime minister the treasury benches seats were seen filled. The legislators mainly from opposition benches also slightly advised the government to avoid confrontation, as situation could worsen because of bringing out rallies from the government side.

The issue of resignations of PTI’s lawmakers and Independent MNA Jamshed Dasti was also briefly discussed in the house, as some of treasury benches lawmakers even opposed granting leave to Jamshed Dasti.

As, in the start of the proceeding, some lawmaker from treasury benches asked Speaker Iyaz Sadiq not to grant leave to Dasti as he has announced his resignation publicly. But, the speaker taking a little pause granted leave to Dasti.

Taking part in debate about prevailing political situation, PPP’s senior lawmaker Munawar Talpur asked that the prime minister should not resign as majority of lawmakers are supporting them. “You should not resign because whole the assembly is with you,” he said, adding that demonstration is the right of protestors but they should not block the roads. “No person from Balochistan and Sindh are participating in these sit-ins...what kind of sit-in it is?” he commented.

He also advised both leaders of the house and opposition to learn politics from their chief (Asif Ali Zardari). He strongly criticised Imran Khan for using foul language against the political leaders.

Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh, a PML-N lawmaker, said political unrest should be controlled through dialogue. “Political dialogue is the solution to this situation, as rigging mantra after one and half years makes no sense,” he commented. 

Another treasury benches legislator, Ch Mahmood Bashir Virk said that those objecting the 2013 elections are actually insulting the voters. “We would not allow anyone to derail democracy in the country,” he said, adding that these elections were held in the presence of media. “These protestors are not against Nawaz Sharif but are against the parliament and democracy,” he added.

“Pakistan came into being after a lot of sacrifices...why you are trying to destroy country with these sit-ins,” he said, adding that general elections were held in the most transparent way.

A PPP lawmaker Muhammad Ayaz Soomro vowed that PPP would not allow anyone to derail democratic system. “There is need of patience...Need not to panic in this situation and avoid giving derogatory statements in response to the protestors,” said PPP lawmaker, adding that there was need to ascertain originality of signatures of PTI’s lawmaker. “There is need to check the signature are by forced or as per their will,” he added.

“Some forces are trying to create chaos in the country at this time when our security forces are engaged in war against terrorists,” he said criticising both Imran and Qadri.

A JUI-F lawmaker Naeema Kishwar Khan the KP government is not giving any attention to IDPs of affected area but all the energies are being served on these sit-ins. “PTI lawmakers insulted their voters by submitting resignations,” she said and advised PTI lawmakers to convey their concern on the floor of the house.