ISLAMABAD  - A written reply dating back to March 2013 that squarely ridiculed the request of Afzal Khan, the retired additional secretary of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), seems to be the reason that triggered the retired officer to appear on a private television talk show in order to say that the last year's elections were massively rigged.

Official documents available with The Nation reveals that Khan in a letter sent to Member ECP Justice (Retd) Riaz Kiani requested his promotion to BPS-22 at a time when his last working day in the office was just seven weeks away.

"It is desire of all employees to get maximum benefits at the time of retirement. It is humbly pleaded that I may be granted promotion to BPS-22 as special secretary," the letter sent by Khan mentions.

Appearing on a private television channel on Sunday last, the former ECP official stunned everybody by doubting the transparency in last year's election, besides giving credence to the rigging allegations of Imran Khan whose supporters have been protesting in Islamabad for the last two weeks.

Khan held former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and serving Member ECP justice (Retd) Riaz Kiani for their alleged involvement in rigging the general elections in favour of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz).

However, the documents show internal rivalry between Khan and Kiani particularly when the latter refused to grant promotion to the former against rules and regulations.

Kiani in a written reply to Khan dated March 29, 2013 ridiculed the request and turned down the letter sent by the former for seeking promotion to BPS-22.

Sources close to the development said there was a sentence used for Khan that made him literally mad.

"The request asked for is ludicrous. It seems vertical climb in grades is like property for taking. I have not come across a case where an officer is upgraded from BPS-20 to BPS-21 and from there he seeks promotion to BPS-22 within a year," Justice (Retd) Kiani, who has also served as chairman Punjab Services Tribunal, replied to the request of Khan. Top serving officials in ECP told The Nation that the harsh reply by Member ECP made Khan the biggest antagonist of Kiani in the office.

Documents show that Khan in another letter had termed the election 2013 as 'war-like' situation, seeking reemployment of those officers who would be retiring between the periods from November 1, 2012 to October 31, 2013 including his name. But even this request was turned down by Kiani who opined that there was no rule to make regular appointment of officers who have reached the age of superannuation; thus once again discouraging Khan to succeed in his ambitions.

"His appointment to the post of additional secretary ECP itself is dubious and there is no merit in his request for promotion to BPS-22," Kiani in a letter sent to chief election commissioner said referring to the request of Khan.

In another move, Khan succeeded in appointing his daughter Sarah Khan on deputation in ministry of information technology in order to upgrade her to BPS-16 from BPS-15 (in ECP) so that she could be entitled to official accommodation in Islamabad. "The IT and telecom division had banned deputation from other divisions/ ministries. This was the time when work relating to preparation of electoral rolls was in full swing. But Khan, additional secretary ECP who is father of Sarah Khan, pleaded that her daughter should be given a favour," a letter of IT and telecom division states.

In fact Khan had sought his daughter to be transferred on deputation to IT and telecom division so that she could be given BPS-16 that would enable him to retain the official residence after his retirement and the house should be allotted to his daughter.