ISLAMABAD - PTI chief Imran Khan on Monday alluded to the imposition of martial law, warning any kind of police action would damage democracy.

Addressing his supporters, he requested the police not to take any aggressive action against the peaceful participants of the sit-in. “Any police action would damage democracy,” he warned.

Khan also said the government wanted violence and confrontation as PML-N had started taking out rallies in different cities of the country to counter the sit-ins of the two protesting parties in front of the Parliament House. “If you want to take the country towards confrontation and start infighting, we will not let you become a political martyr. You think there will be violence and you will become a martyr,” he said, addressing Nawaz Sharif.

“Why is PML-N holding rallies? Has the electricity tariff decreased? Has inflation come down? Has Sharif family brought billions of rupees back into the country or has it started paying taxes?” he said.

Khan thanked former Election Commission of Pakistan Additional Secretary Afzal Khan for daring to come on TV and expose those who rigged the 2013 General Elections. “Afzal Khan was an eyewitness to the rigging and revealed that big players were involved in it,” the PTI chief said.

Khan said that that according to Afzal Khan, ex-CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry brought all ROs under his control through a conspiracy. He revealed Lt-Gen (r) Nadeem Ahmad in 2007 had stated in an affidavit that Iftikhar Chaudhry had asked Pervez Musharraf to make him caretaker PM and he would help him win the elections. Answering the allegation why Afzal Khan spoke now and not earlier, Khan said people were afraid of Sharifs as they used to victimise people. “What did they do with former Nadra chairman Tariq Mailk? He was forced to leave the country as he was going to conduct verification of finger prints.”the PTI chief said.

It is reliably learnt that the key leaders of PTI are asking Imran Khan to find out some strategy to come out of the ongoing political crisis. A core committee meeting of PTI was also held at the container at which the views of Khan prevailed that the sit-in would continue until the PM’s resignation.