Local political bigwigs have strongly condemned the unprovoked shelling of Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) on villages along the Sialkot Working Boundary. They urged the international community to take notice of the unabated Indian aggression.

No world organization including United Nations has taken any notice of Indian shelling on Sialkot bordering villages and killings of innocent and peace-loving citizens, cattle and their houses.

The political bigwigs strongly criticized the UN for its criminal silence over the burning issue.

PPP’s former federal information minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan strongly condemned India for the stepped up shelling by Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) on innocent Pakistani people in villages along Sialkot Working Boundary.

She said that this larger scale violation of international seas fire rules by Indian BSF was true reflection of Indian war aggression.

Sialkot District Bar Association (DBA) President Shahid Mir also urged the world community to take stern action against India for its mounting war aggression against Pakistan.

Local MNA Ch Armughan Subhani expressed complete solidarity with local people. They assured the people of early financial compensation of damages caused to their property by Indian shelling.

He narrated that the Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) again targeted the civilian population when locals were asleep on rooftops and in courtyards of their houses, badly damaging houses and cattle sheds in all these villages.

He said that according to the senior officials of the Chenab Rangers, the Indian BSF used light and heavy machine guns and also fired several mortar shells, as most of these mortar shells fell in fields and could not explode.

He said that however the spirits of local people in Indian shelling-hit bordering villages was high.

He said that Pakistan had expressed grave concern over the killings of its two citizens and injuries to nine others by the unprovoked Indian shelling.

He added that Pakistan have also lodged a strong protest against the Indian aggression.