Islamabad - Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started an operation against illegal excavation in different parts of the city for networking purpose and removed the fiber optic cable.

The operation was conducted on the directions of Member Administrations and Estate Amer Ali Ahmed. To this effect, Member Administrations and Estates directed the Directorate of Municipal Administration of CDA to continue the operation against illegal cable networking across the board in Islamabad without any fear or favour.

He said that such illegal excavation in the capital city was not only causing damage to the infrastructure but also posing financial loss to the Authority.

He said that CDA would not allow its land for any kind of illegal networking of cables, adding that operation against the illegal excavation and networking of cables would be continued.

The operation is aimed at bringing the fiber optics under the formal system of tax net to increase revenue generation through IT telecom infrastructure potential. In this regard, a special team of telecom unit has been constituted by the Director Municipal Administration CDA, which is taking effective measures against the illegal networking of cables to discourage this practice.