Islamabad - Like other parts of the country where Christmas activities were observed solemnly, roads and streets in the twin cities of Rawalpindi-Islamabad too gave a deserted look as Christian community restricted their celebrations to express solidarity with the families who lost their children in the vicious terror attack in Peshawar.

A group of Christians in G-6 sector of Islamabad that houses majority of minority members, lit candles in order to pay homage to the victims of Peshawar tragedy before stepping into Fatima Church in F-8 to participate in the main activities.

Although churches in the city were decorated with colourful lights and tinsels for giving the occasion a touch of joyousness and gaiety, yet the festivities were confined to houses. “The tragedy of Peshawar has left everybody gloomy. We can’t smile when we remember the families who lost their dear ones,” Asma Amber, 27, said.

She said special prayers were offered for souls of students who lost their lives in school at Peshawar besides expressing sympathies with the bereaved families.

She said midnight services last Friday at churches also remembered victims of terrorism.

PTI leader Asad Umar in a tweet also wished the occasion to Christian community but said that the prevailing situation in country was too gloomy to joyfully celebrate the religious occasion. “In the current state of the nation it can’t be a merry Christmas but want to wish the best to all Christian citizens on this Christmas day,” he said.  In Rawalpindi, the main gathering was held at St. Joseph’s Cathedral while big congregations were held at other churches where religious prayers in the context of the birth and teachings of the Jesus Christ were offered.

Christmas trees and cribs were decorated in all houses of the Christian community.

Even the Christian community living in slums celebrated the Christmas with more joy and religious zeal.