PESHAWAR - Government contractors have demanded of the government to withdraw its decision regarding additional security charges, if they would give lower rate of actual amount of tender.

Addressing a news conference at the Press Club here on Thursday, All Pakistan Contractors’ Association (APCA) Peshawar President, Haji Mehr Zaman, said that the government has bound contractors to submit additional amount of 10 per cent security, along with two call-deposits, if they give lower rate of actual tender amount. He said the decision was unjust as it would affect smaller contractors.

He said they were already paying two percent advance amount as call-deposit before the issuance of a tender, which was enough for security.

He said PTI Chairman Imran Khan during his si-in Islamabad had promised that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government would create maximum job opportunities for poor segment of the society. But, he said, his party government is introducing policies to make people jobless by winding up their businesses in the province.

The contractors demanded of Imran and Chief Minister Pervez Khattak to intervene for the withdrawal of the decision regarding collection of additional security charge.