LAHORE: Celeberities have condoled the death of director Aslam Dar who passed away on Wednesday. He was 78. Dar, a big name in Pakistan’s film industry was known as a great opponent of Indian films screening in the country. Dar was born in 1938 at Ferozewala. His father SM Dar was also a filmmaker, director as well as film journalist.  He started his career as a film cameraman in 1950s but his love and dedication to his work made a forefront director and filmmaker in the country. He produced a number of films in Urdu and English, however, Dulla Bhatti, Raqasa and Choohmantar, Dara, Dil Lagi, Akhri Chatan‘Basheera’, Waada, Sayyan Anari, Baray Mian Deewanay, Pehli Nazar and Anokha Daj were big films of his career–Staff Reporter.