London  - Kristen Stewart never wanted to sell herself like a product. The 24-year-old beauty knows exactly what it’s like to be mobbed by screaming fans, having starred in the popular teen Twilight franchise alongside heartthrob Robert Pattinson.

While some celebrities might relish the limelight, Kristen has always held back a little, often criticised by the media for her less-than-jolly demeanour. ‘At the start, the main thing was to set boundaries,’ she explained to the German edition of Glamour magazine when asked about her sudden fame. ‘What do I share, what don’t I? What is the right way to behave? I found that difficult.

‘I’ve always thought it embarrassing when actors find themselves so interesting that they’re willing to sell themselves like a product. In order not to go that way, I must have gone a little too far in the opposite direction. ‘Kristen and her Twilight co-star Robert dated for a while, with the relationship ending in 2012 when the actress was photographed kissing married director Rupert Sanders. She later issued a public statement, apologising to the people she’d hurt.

In general, Kristen will only speak out when she has something important to say. ‘The things I talk about have to be deep and meaningful,’ she explained. ‘I try very hard not to portray a false image of myself or to be someone I’m not. For example, I wouldn’t give an involved statement about a topic I know nothing about. I try to be honest. That’s why I always think long and hard before I speak. But that often gets twisted.’