LAHORE - Swag, the dramatic club of University of Education Lower Mall Campus, staged a play Salma nay bhi yehi kiya tha written by Imran Aslam at the campus auditorium last week.  

Directed by Advisor Swang, Dr. Muhammad Salman Bhatti and Mehak Jabeen, a student of Fine Arts, the play is a Monologue which portrays a woman who is a victim of various psychological problems and intricacies and makes futile attempts to bring change in her routine. It is a social dilemma that has been depicted ridiculously.  Warda Muzammil was the production in-charge whereas Arooj Hussain, a student played the lead role of Aisha Amjad.

As per traditions of the Monologue, the Play consists of only one character in its Cast. It requires abstruseness, adroitness, and skill in Lighting, Set designing, and Music composition.

The play is modern man’s dilemma whose inner-self is empty.  This vacuum is either social or self-contrived. This emptiness can’t be filled because these gaps are the questions that ask for their answers. Character as well society has no reply to these questions.  In this play, a female character kills her time by making telephone calls. Her whole life is reflected through the calls she has made throughout her life. At the end of the play the enigma is resolved that the telephone was not working for last six months. It was either disconnected or out of order. The abrupt end of the play raises many inexplicable questions to be answered by the audience.

Arooj Hussain delved deep into the character artfully. She was no less than any professional actor. Her acts reflected the inner self of the character’s psychology. The duration of this Monologue was 45 minutes. The audience was fully engrossed in watching her performance.

Though the plays of serious and intense nature are to a great extent no more part of our society and dramatic activity of universities; nevertheless the play, Salma nay bhi yehi kiya tha presented by the University attracted the tasteful and thoughtful audience. Vice Chancellor,Prof. Dr. Faiz Ul Hassan was the chief guest on the occasion While addressing the audience at the end of the play, he  applauded the performance of all students and ensured that Swang will be provided every possible help in every possible way.