California  - This stunning set of pictures shows an intense battle between a seal and octopus - in which the seal emerges as the winner by gulping the octopus down in one.

The hungry seal spots the octopus and decides that it would make a great breakfast, so goes in for the killer move. But the little octopus puts up a fight by wriggling about and wrapping its clingy tentacles around the seal’s face. After a long struggle, the big seal got the better of the sea animal and gulped him down in one.

These spectacular photos were taken by photographer Andrew Lee whilst he visited the Bolsa Chica Wetlands in Huntington Beach, California, USA.

The 53-year-old, from California, visited the area before sunrise and only intended to picture pelicans diving for smelts. However, Andrew was stunned at around 8am when he saw a lone seal making its way into the Bolsa Chica inlet from the ocean - causing a ‘chaotic atmosphere’ among the birds.

All the pelicans flew off into the distance and Andrew decided to photograph the seal. When the excitement calmed down Andrew decided to gamble on one more shot of the seal before he set off. He said: ‘As the activities at the bridge winded down, I walked towards my car to go home. Then I decided to take a chance and walked west towards the gate.