KASUR - The police booked two Afghan nationals living illegally in the city f from the Mustafabad Police precincts the other day.

According to police, DPO Jawwad Qamar had directed the SHOs of all 20 police stations across the district to comb through residential areas to check people living in rented houses to trace suspicious elements.

Following the directives, the Mustafabad Police found two Afghani brothers including Zafar Khan and Rozee Khan, living illegally in rented house in Mustafabad town. The accused Afghani brothers, according to police, had no document including CNIC, Passport, Migration card or any permit from the government of Pakistan. It has also been learnt that both the accused are dealing in cloth trade in the district.

Police booked Zafar and Rozee under section 14 of the Foreign Act and put them behind the bars.