ISLAMABAD           -         The picturesque winter resort of Naltar, Gilgit/Baltistan is all set to host some exhilarating winter sports in the coming days, while prominent national skiers from all over the country had already arrived at Naltar ski resort to participate in different events. Charged up skiers participated in practice sessions on a pleasant sunny day, the energetic athletes appreciated PAF for making this resort truly world class and providing all possible facilities of International standards, they also expressed that competing with the famous skiers of the world would provide an excellent opportunity to Pakistani athletes to learn from their competitors and improve their performance in this game. The winter sports season will be commencing with the Saadia Khan and Children Ski Cup from 27th of this month. The Winter Sports Federation of Pakistan (WSFP), under the auspices Pakistan Air Force (PAF), has chalked out an elaborate calendar of events for the season, besides skiing, figure skating, snowboarding, ice skating and ice hockey competitions would also be held during the season, prominent among these would be Shah Khan Ski Cup, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Ski Championship and National Ski Championship. Other than these national events, Malam Jabba Ski Cup and CAS International Karakoram Alpine Ski Cup, featuring international skiers would also be held at Naltar and Malam Jabba Ski Resorts. These sports would not only promote tourism in the Northern Areas of Pakistan but also pave way for the conduct of international sporting events in the country.