Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok on Wednesday vowed to bring those involved in murder and genocide to justice.

"Justice will be achieved. The law will take its course on all killers," said Hamdok while addressing a rally marking the first anniversary of Sudan's December protests.

"War crimes and genocide do not drop due to statute of limitations. We will work to ensure that all criminals are tried and that dignity is restored to the families of the victims," he added.

Meanwhile, Hamdok reiterated the importance of achieving peace, saying, "Without fair and sustainable peace, the slogans of the protests will not be achieved."

The Sudanese are celebrating the first anniversary of the protests which erupted on December 19, 2018.

Upon the street's pressure, the Sudanese army on April 11 ousted the former President Omar al-Bashir and formed a military council to run the country's affairs.

Late last August, the the military and the opposition Freedom and Change Alliance, which led the protests, established a sovereign council and a transitional government to rule the country for 39 months.