ISLAMABAD            -           Chairman United Business Group (UBG) Iftikhar Ali Malik Wednesday asked the politicians not to exercise their sphere of influence and  intervene in the upcoming elections of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) scheduled to be held on December 27. Talking to media prior to his departure to Karachi along with 200 voters here today, the veteran trade leader Iftikhar Ali Malik who is also Senior Vice President of SAARC CCI said their group will defeat the Businessmen Panel (BMP) in FPCCI.He said BMP has been facing crushing defeats since last five consecutive years and they would meet the same fate while one of UBG VP candidate Muhammad Ali Quaid from KPA elected unopposed which speaks of our popularity among chambers,” says a press release issued here today. He said that the defeat of the opposition is writing on the wall. He also alleged that BMP always try to come in power through the backdoor and now they are using some influential to get desired results. They are trying to buy voters belonging to different chambers and trade associations to change their loyalties in favour of the failed group, he accused. Iftikhar Malik said that politicians should remain impartial in the elections as businessmen will reject their pressure and vote UBG to power on account of best performance . He said that opposition is not interested in help resolving the issues of the business community and they only appear on the scene at the time of elections, therefore, they are rejected by voters. BMP has always alleged UBG and FPCCI for ignoring issues of business community but they have never informed about their services for the community, he observed.