MOGADISHU (AFP) - Somali Muslim fighters seized a town Wednesday and renewed attacks in the capital Mogadishu, ramping up an onslaught against newly-elected President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and his allies. At least 17 people, mainly fighters, were killed in fighting when the Shebab group attacked the northwestern town of Hodur and wrested it from the control of pro-government forces, witnesses said. A second day of clashes between government forces and another Muslim militia in the capital Mogadishu also left four civilians dead. Elders and witnesses in Hodur, a small town near the Ethiopian border, said the fighting was fierce and confirmed that the Shebab fighters had captured the town. "Many people died in the fighting. We counted about fourteen who were killed outside the town and three inside. People are reporting there could be more bodies on the outskirts of the town," local elder Adan Nur Muktar said. A medic a Hodur hospital said the death toll from Wednesday morning's fighting was expected to top 20. "We killed about 20 of them and destroyed two armed vehicles," regional Shebab commander Sheikh Hasan Derow told AFP. Somalia's top Shebab commander Sheikh Mukhtar Robow said Hodur, some 300km northwest of the capital, was now under his group's control. "The Mujahideen (fighters) took control of Hodur and the situation in the town is calm," Robow told AFP. Fighting also resumed in Mogadishu between a militia and government forces backed by African Union troops, a day after some of the bloodiest clashes since the president's January 31 election. Four civilians, including a child, were killed by artillery shells that hit houses and a school in the capital's southern Hodan district, witnesses said. Another witness said he saw the bodies of three people killed when mortar shells destroyed their houses. At least 23 people were killed and more than 90 wounded in clashes in the Somali capital Tuesday. Fighters loyal to Hizb al-Islamiya (Islamic Party) claimed responsibility for the clashes, which erupted after they attacked government forces south of Mogadishu.