ISLAMABAD - The successful legal battle for disqualification of Shahbaz Sharif was based on charges of bank default and commission of contempt of court against the ousted Chief Minister of Punjab. According to the charges played up against Shahbaz Sharif in superior courts of law, especially the three-judge bench that disqualified him on Wednesday, it was pointed out that the PML-N President was part of a consortium that was defaulted to pay back public money. Senior Advocate Sardar Abdul Razzaq Khan, who pleaded against Sharifs in Lahore High Court earlier this year, told The Nation that under a verdict of Lahore High Court reported in PLD 2003 page 646, Shahbaz Sharif was a member of the consortium that failed to pay back the public money that it borrowed. The consortium was declared defaulter under the same verdict inked by a full bench of the LHC comprising Justice M Javed Buttar, Justice Chaudhry Ejaz Ahmed and Justice Syed Jamshed Ali, Sardar Razzaq further stated. The case has been reported in PLD as Mian Shahbaz Sharif vs Election Commission of Pakistan. When the scrutiny of nomination papers of Shahbaz Sharif from PP-10 (Rawalpindi) was held, his rival candidate Mehboob Ellahi had objected that the PML-N President had issued a derogatory speech against superior judiciary in April this year. The charge was never denied by the attorney of Shahbaz Sharif before the Returning Officer. During the rule of Pervez Musharraf, Shahbaz Sharif was also implicated in Sabza Zar Police encounter Case and NAB reference filed regarding the alleged financial irregularities in Huddabia Paper Mills. However, the first case that was regarding an allegedly fake police encounter in Lahore was dropped when the aggrieved party pulled out after a compromise earlier this year. The second case, Huddabia Papers Mills, is still pending adjudication before an Accountability Court. " Assad Hameed