LAHORE - PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif has said that Supreme Court verdict against them came after he had rejected "business-like deal" offered by President Asif Ali Zardari. Nawaz said Zardari had asked them to eschew support for the lawyers and instead support the government for the extension of Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar's tenure and in return, he would facilitate in withdrawing cases against their eligibility. "What to talk about personal vendetta, Zardari has crossed all limits. "We extended hand of friendship from the core of our heart but were stabbed in the back. We are not surprised over the decision as it was already expected. It is not the court decision, but orders from none else but President Zardari," he said, hoping the decision would be reversed soon by the people of this country. He expressed these views while addressing a Press conference after SC decision against Sharif brothers at his Raiwind residence on Wednesday. Before the press conference, Nawaz addressed party leaders and parliamentarians gathered at Raiwind. "Declining the Zaradari's deal is the real cause behind the ineligibility decision," he alleged and hoped that it would be reversed or annulled soon. Terming the decision as an assault on democracy and Pakistan, two-time prime minister Nawaz Sharif said, "Such decision could not demoralise us. We will continue the struggle for restoration of judges even if thousands of such verdicts be brought against us." He said that Musharraf's judges presented the " ineligibility verdict" as a gift to Zardari on his return from China. He said that public backlash over the decision had proved that people had rejected the decision. He said Zardari needed to open his eyes to witness the anger shown by people in every part of the country. "If still he does not believe he should hold referendum over the issue," he challenged and hoped that results of referendum would be in his favour. He said that after the decision of so-called SC, the case has come into the court of 160 million people who had the real authority to give final verdict on the issue. Commenting upon the verdict in an emotional way, he said, " We along with PPP saw many dreams but today all of them have shattered forever." He said that it was very pathetic and remorseful that country had been pushed toward political instability for the personal gains. He requested countrymen to take to streets and roads to save Pakistan before it was too late. "It is time to stand against the injustice and highhandedness of the government, otherwise non-democratic government will go on fulfilling its agenda," he said. He branded the decision a conspiracy to get him out of the political scene, adding that issuance of verdict leading to dislodge Punjab government was tantamount to slap the face of public mandate. He said that PML-N tried its best to cooperate with PPP-led government in the greater interest of the country. "We also avoided reaching 'point of no return'. Verbal and written accords were singed. We were very happy after getting rid of Musharraf. We were given words that deposed judges would be restored within 24 hours, but all in vain," he added. He shared a secret with media that " we were tempted to enter into a bargain or deal on judges and NRO issues by two different channels." "First some one from so-called CJP Abdul Hameed Dogar's approached us offering us that if we stopped lawyers movement, cases would be decided favourably." Later, President Zardari called Shahbaz Sharif on a lunch and proposed to get down to "business deal" as very matter is a sort of business that could be settled down through bargain." He said that if PML-N backed government to extend tenure of Abdul Hameed Dogar, Sharif brothers would be declared eligible. He said Shahbaz Sharif had discussed the matter with him but " I instructed him to put it under the carpet for the time being." He said that now the time has approached to make it public. "We rejected the offer. We did not comprise on principles even if that caused the loss of the Punjab government," he maintained. He said that it was deplorable that Musharraf who was in uniform was declared eligible for the office of President in one day. But "we were declared ineligible and case was kept pending over the last many months," he added. He clarified that NRO was the main hurdle in the judges restoration and bright future of Pakistan. Nawaz said that one day nation would ask how the NRO was introduced and how money-laundering cases of Switzerland against Zardari were withdrawn and where that money has gone. He demanded that it was the hard-earned money of people of Pakistan in Switzerland banks that should be brought back to the country. He held NRO responsible for restricting the restoration of judges. He alleged that the condition of BA degree was waived for Zardari within moments by PCO judges. Answering a question, he was of the view that instead of PPP, President Zardari was involved in the whole case. "I feel that PPP had nothing to do with the eligibility case rather it was Zardari playing all the game," he said, adding: "Three days back we said that decision would not make any difference whether it came pro or against us." To a query regarding nomination of other elected representative of PML-N for the office of Chief Minister of Punjab, he said party was consulting over it and soon party will announce the name. He said that no would be allowed to highjack the Punjab government. When asked about the contacts with PML-Q, he said that the Punjab government was not under any threat as PML-N enjoyed majority in the house. Regarding resignations of PML-N MNAs and MPAs, he said, "We have neither obtained the resignations not intend to do so." Why we should take resignation from them, he asked, adding that honour of people representation was awarded by vote instead of charity. When asked about filing review petition, he said, " Neither we nor people accept the PCO courts, so how we could do so." He said that court could dispense justice only to those who are affluent, who have power and who have recommendation. "Since we do not have such things, we were disqualified," he added. Responding to a question, he said that his party was not in favour of violent protest however if protestors got charged over the issue they could do any thing, nobody could stop them. "I will not strike a deal with government to get the ineligibility changed into eligibility, if PPP approach us in coming days," he added.