LAHORE - The traders and shopkeepers went on shutter down strike here in the provincial metropolis, shortly after the Supreme Court (SC) declared Sharif brothers ineligible on Wednesday. Mostly all the leading commercial markets and business centers situated at the Mall Road, Hall Road, Liberty Market, Moon Market, Shah Alam Market, Anarkali, Jail Road, and Main boulevard Iqbal Town were closed down. A good number of traders shut down their shops, came on the roads and staged strong protest demonstration against the SC verdict. The traders blocked the roads and disrupted the traffic by setting the tyres on fire. They also chanted slogans against the government, particularly against the top leadership of the PPP. Market sources said that some traders immediately shut down their business to avoid any damage to their business and shops due to the strong protests, which erupted all over the City on Wednesday afternoon. Hundreds of local traders gathered at Mini Market Gulberg, Liberty Market, Hall Road, and at Moon Market Iqbal Town and staged demonstration against the PPP leaders. They strongly criticised the PPP leadership and chanted anti-government slogans. They said the PPP leadership was making mockery of the public mandate in the biggest province of the country. They were of the view that PPP leadership had created political crisis in the province when the economy already was crawling to halt. The business activities came to a halt almost all over the City as all the shopping plazas, commercial markets and business centers were closed down to avoid any untoward incident. However, heavy police contingents were deployed at leading arteries of the City to maintain peace.