LAHORE" Legal fraternity has strongly condemned the disqualification of Sharif brothers and termed it a sad day for democracy in Pakistan. Justice (r) Wajihuddin Ahmad commenting over the situation termed the judgement as an ill-timed and unnecessary which would prove destructive for the country. He said morally the judges who gave this decision should not have heard the petitions against Sharif brothers as their appointments were still in doubt. The decision would derail the smooth democratic process in the country while encouraging politics of victimisation, he added. Secretary Lahore High Court Bar Association Rana Asadullah alleged that the conspiracy was hatched in the President's House to manage the decision against the Sharif brothers, while adding that the Supreme Court (SC) had given a very weak decision after a prolonged proceeding. About the apprehensions of likely governor's rule in the province, he said lawyers would not allow courts to work if governor's rule was proclaimed. Doubting the impartiality of the SC, Rana Asadullah said after four months of proceedings to decide the petitions on technical grounds was the brainchild of President Asif Zardari. These technical questions could be decided during the preliminary hearing but the court waited four months to get the nod from the Presidency, he added. Maintaining that the PCO judges had no moral or legal ground to issue such a verdict, he said the decision was not an unexpected one. He said the sitting judges had violated the decision of the Supreme Court's eight-members full bench of November 2, 2007 which had declared the Musharraf's decision as illegal and had restrained the judges from taking oath under PCO. Sharif brother were punished for their decision to join the lawyers in the 'long march' and sit-in, he added. President PML-N Lawyers Forum Khawaja Mehmood said the PCO-judges had played a havoc by declaring the Sharif brothers as ineligible. He said PCO judiciary would now be responsible for the protest and possible aftermath across country following its verdict aftermath and adding it would adversely affect the future of Pakistan. He said lawyers had no trust in 'Dogar Court' and the decision was not a court's verdict but a presidential order. The ruling was purely the government's decision and such courts would keep passing same verdicts until the restoration of an independent judiciary. President LHCBA Anwar Kamal condemning the decision said ineligibility of Sharif brothers was a biased decision by the PCO judges with a disputed legitimacy. "We do not expect justice from PCO judges and that is why we are striving for an free judiciary in the country," he added. Association of Pakistani Lawyers (APL) , a team of Pakistani origin lawyers and judges in UK, has also condemned the decision while declaring it as a dark moment for democratic struggle in the country. Chairman APL Amjad Malik said he felt that the govt had buried the 'Charter of Democracy' blowing away the spirit of reconciliation in Pakistan while paving the way for the return of politics of 90's. He urged the politicians to learn the lesson from the history as the nation had suffered through three martial laws covering nearly four decades and said that they must join their hands for the rule of law, justice and democracy. He also stressed the need to initiate joint collaboration for implementing 'COD' on an emergency basis. If popular politicians are kept out of the Parliament, then ultimately decisions will be made on streets which would be a tragedy for a state passing through a volatile situation at the moment due to the war on terror, its poverty ridden people and weaker institutions, he added. He said they all hope that sanity will prevail and pray that lawyers, media and civil society's contribution would produce be fruitful for bringing Pakistan out of the series of crisis while it would also make the rulers to listen to people's aspirations and act accordingly.