MINGORA (AFP) - Taliban fighters Wednesday disbanded checkpoints and stopped carrying weapons in public a day after announcing an indefinite ceasefire in Swat valley, witnesses said. Taliban commander Maulana Fazlullah ordered militants to disband checkpoints in a speech on his illegal FM radio station late Tuesday and asked his followers not to carry weapons in public. "The Taliban have removed their checkpoints in and around Mingora," Irfan Ahmad, a resident of what is the main town in Swat, told AFP. He said he did not see armed Taliban on patrol in the town. The Taliban announced an indefinite ceasefire on Tuesday, a week after the govt signed a deal with pro-TNSM Chief. Sufi Mohammad to accept Islamic law as the system of justice in Swat. Another Swat resident, Mushtaq Khan, said checkpoints have been removed from the areas of Matta, Charbagh and Kabal, all Taliban strongholds. "I saw a few Taliban alongside the road but they were unarmed," he said. Khan said people celebrated the ceasefire after two years of uncertainty and insecurity, and that schools have reopened. Thousands of Fazlullah's militants have spent nearly two years waging a terrifying campaign to enforce Sharia law, beheading opponents, bombing girls' schools, outlawing entertainment and fighting government forces. "We adhere to the announcement made by Maulana Fazlullah on Tuesday night," Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan told AFP. "We will completely remove all checkpoints after army troops withdraw from the area," he said. Fazlullah announced late Tuesday that the Taliban would not attack army vehicles carrying rations or moving between bases. Khan said girls can go to schools if they are properly veiled.