WASHINGTON: An influential US senator has called for up to $US5 billion in urgent non-military aid be provided to avert chaos in Pakistan resulting from the war on terror. Sen. John Kerry, who chairs the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the aid, part of $US7.5 billion in assistance over five years, would come from the United States and its allies and be contingent on Pakistan preventing al-Qaeda and Taliban militants from using its territory . "If we fail, we face a truly frightening prospect: terrorist sanctuary, economic meltdown, and spiraling radicalism, all in a nation with 170 million inhabitants and a full arsenal of nuclear weapons,'' Kerry said in a statement. The appeal comes as President Barack Obama puts a new focus on fighting extremism along the Pak-Afghan border, with plans to deploy another 17,000 US troops to Afghanistan. Kerry, the failed 2004 presidential candidate of Obama's Democratic Party, made the aid plea with former Republican senator Chuck Hagel and said he would introduce the legislation with a sitting Republican, Richard Lugar. The senator met at his office with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi who is in Washington for three-way talks last Thursday with his counterpart from Afghanistan and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.