Like many others in this country, I’m loud and unapologetically sarcastic about the existing public and private sector universities in Pakistan with a special focus based on the Federal Capital Islamabad that is only a money minting mill, not education and wisdom hubs. Many of these universities do not honor the criteria for the establishment of a new university or an institution of higher education as enunciated by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Not to speak of other requirements but these varsities do not have proper classrooms, a qualified faculty, well-developed playgrounds and parking places for vehicles. I see truly gifted teachers and passionate educators but they are not hired but colorful, cosmetic men and women with the superficial kind of knowledge and information of the subjects they teach.

The swelling number of students in these educational institutions shows that parents are trapped due to perverse, catchy and well-crafted advertisements published in the leading daily newspapers and students once who land in the lap of these educational institutions are not full of verve and hope. The unavailability of all of these things simply means a life of drudgery for students. These varsities do not teach syllabus subjects and life skills properly but enroll as many boys and girls possible to mint money and award them a piece of paper.

These varsities also appoint such people in the administration who do not realise the need to change and improve the state of affairs on the campuses for the promotion of quality education. I personally believe that the best thing we could do for our children is to give them quality education in this digital age. But no one will overturn the tables of the money minters and of those selling degrees.


Islamabad, February 3.