The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has said on Tuesday that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the biggest threat to the regional peace as the outburst for the sake of popularity before the Indian general elections would result in devastation of the region.

The FPCCI also said that the whole world would face the consequences of Modi's actions. This was observed in a meeting, jointly chaired by Vice Presidents of FPCCI Sheikh Abdul Waheed, Ijaz Abbasi, Qurban Ali Khan, and Chief Coordinator Malik Sohail.

Presidents and representatives of dozens of chambers, small chambers, women chambers and trade associations were present at the occasion to express solidarity with the government and defence forces.

The leaders of the business community said that they fully support their armed forces and they are ready to sacrifice their life and belongings for the defence of the country.

Pakistan is not easy prey, our military is powerful, morale is high, the nation is behind its defenders while we possess nuclear arms, they said.

They warned India not to challenge Pakistan as defenders of the country are fully prepared to respond to any misadventure while the political and military leadership is in capable hands.

Indian desire to isolate Pakistan in the world community would never be fulfilled and she will fail in accomplishing its nefarious designs just like the past while Pakistan’s attitude has helped it win global respect, they said.

India should know that the whole Pakistani nation stands solidly behind their armed forces for the defence of the motherland and aggression from across the border will be a grave mistake that India will regret for times to come.