ISLAMABAD : Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) has planned to design a programme in collaboration with Telenor Telecom Company to disseminate awareness among the citizens about safe drinking water. 

Talking to APP on Monday, Chairman PCRWR, Dr Muhammad Aslam Tahir said PCRWR has already compiled data regarding availability of safe drinking water in different districts of the country which will be shared with the citizens through this initiative.

The programme will cover 135 districts of the country and local councilors and relevant authorities of the respective districts will be involved to motivate them for taking measures regarding ensuring availability of safe drinking water, Dr Aslam Tahir said.

The chairman was of the view that a large number of people across the country are suffering from chronic diseases due to contaminated water and this issue is life threatening.

“We have to join our hands for educating the people of far flung areas and villages on how they can prevent themselves from such threats and make their water clean with the help of local products”, he observed.

Dr Aslam underlined the need to educate people about methods of purifying water which are not much expensive.

Under the programme, PCRWR will promote awareness among the citizens about clean drinking water situation of each and every district one by one and come up with viable solutions for provision of clean drinking water and preventing citizens from water-borne diseases.

He warned that the situation will worsen in the future, if necessary steps are not taken for providing safe drinking water to the citizens.