PML-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will chair the meeting of committee formed to deliberate the 10-point reforms agenda given to the government in Islamabad on Jan 27th. Some serious decisions are expected during the meeting after taking into consideration all the initiatives taken by the govt in this regard. According to some reliable sources, Nawaz Sharif has asked his key persons talking to the govt representatives to get it clarified that to what extent progress had been made on the proposed suggestions during the previous meeting. He also insisted to get the proposals implemented. According to the sources, Nawaz had advised the party representatives that it was crucial time for the party as it was answerable to the people. The PML-N chief said now the time had come that the government had to change its governance by eradicating corruption, reducing expenses and getting rid of the corrupt people. On the other hand, the next session of talks between PML-N and the govt will start wherein the govt representatives would brief PML-N about the govt decision and initiatives taken in wake of the first meeting. According to PML-N sources, they were confident of some breakthrough in the coming meeting as the govt would tell about the mechanism of reducing the prices of commodities, and the procedure adopted for the constitution of Accountability Commission.