So the cat in the bag under discussion is freedom of speech.Let me allow you to turn your un-wavered indignant wrath on my mental health should you choose to finish this piece of wannabe liberal nonsense like you call it. However, if you’re the kind of person who likes to stretch their facial muscles in expressions other than scorn let me take you to a philosophical physicist’s nightmare.

Let’s start by indulging upon the most common paradox Muslims like to present against freedom to offend: ‘But what about holocaust denial?’ Let me patiently explain this undulated phenomenon to you while countless philosophers turn into their graves.

Where is holocaust denial most common? Mostly in Iran that is a Muslim country. This should be enough to explain the hatred Muslims have for Jews that would never end.

Now don’t get all emotional on me and think I support the war crimes against Palestine perpetrated by Israel. The thought here is, Muslims are actually secretly glad that ‘Israel’ is doing all this just so they can use this as a powerful argument against whoever dares to defend Jews who we are programmed by birth to hate.

Now I’m not saying none of us empathizes with the people suffering in Palestine, but it’s a reality that we feel a sense of entitlement to berate Jews because of the Palestine issue. We have drawn caricatures, hurled insults and invested in propaganda to ban their products because ‘they are hurting Muslims.’ Here in lies our biggest hypocrisy.

Shan’t speak up against the crimes against humanity committed by Iran and Saudia because hey women in our culture, since when have they been considered humans? Also, this is so not hate speech because Jews definitely deserve it? Boko Haram can go live with goats for all I care, none of my business and they arekhawarij anyway. So what if they make sex slaves out of little girls and have killed thousands of innocent people. Not worse than what Israel does no doubt.

The United States Constitution ensures freedom of speech. Therefore, in the United States denying the Holocaust or engaging in anti-Semitic hate speech is not illegal, except when there is an imminent threat of violence. Many other countries, particularly in Europe where the Holocaust occurred, have laws criminalizing Holocaust denial and hate speech. These different legal frameworks impede a comprehensive global approach to combating Holocaust denial (Zimmerman 2000).

We like to throw our fists in righteous anger over some cartoonist’s distasteful work but all our angst goes to the gutter when countless human rights violations happen right under our noses, sometimes committed by ourselves.

So what if I drink, it’s between my God and me. So what if I had sex, it’s between my God and me. A cartoonist offended my religious sentiments, but I must support their death secretly in my heart because that’s so not between them and God.

Some funny people like to compare the hijab ban, racism and holocaust denial as a symptom of hypocrisy. Exasperatedly I try to reiterate, Islam, like any other religion, is an idea and not a race. Hate speech against Muslims or people or color is not right because it is an individual attack. Hate speech against a religion is an idea and nowhere in the world would anyone condone killing a person just because he says some stupid words against what you hold near and dear to your heart.

Where was your indignity on the hijab ban when a veiled woman attacked the Paris kosher market? Do you still think it is such a bad idea for another country to make sure every face is recognizable in case such acts of terrorism happen? Why live in a country of western ideology if you can’t handle the rules. Especially when the country of your origin doesn’t even respect the basic religious rights of immigrants over there.

According to Pope Francis, he would punch anyone who insults his mother. I’m sure the law would let him go skipping if he murdered someone who hurled some distasteful comments against his mother or drew aridiculing caricature of her.

If everyone else should not have the right to offend our religious beliefs than how in the world is Ahmedi and Shia persecution happening in Pakistan? Now, most moderate Muslims would like to add that we don’t condone it and we don’t support it but then how do you not protest against all the rallies that ask for death of Ahmadis? You pass silently by while they hurl these threats and you close your ears.

The big question is what would your defense be if the rest of the world allowed racist comments and holocaust denial to happen?What if the world demanded accountability for all the racism and sexism you let happen on a daily basis in your country?

Damn it Schrodinger for putting your useless experiment out there. You have confused me beyond belief and I am not sure if anyone denouncing that cartoon really believes it’s a bad idea to offend someone’s beliefs or persecute someone because of it. Just tell me, is the cat dead or what?

I know you hate me, dear reader but I see the hypocrite inside your heart who would never admit its own love for discrimination.