Aleppo is seeing the world’s apathetic attitude towards the massacres taking place. More than 1,000 people are thought to have been killed in the Syrian government’s latest campaign in Aleppo, and tens of thousands more have been displaced. Tens of thousands of civilians are trapped without food, water or medicine under a hail of artillery and airstrikes found themselves once again pawns in a geopolitical struggle. Residents said shells had also fallen on the road on which the evacuations were supposed to take place. Another resident said, “We want to leave. We don’t want more massacres, let us leave. What is happening?” There is no way that any of us can avoid responsibility for Aleppo.

The UN Security Council and governments across the globe, including Russia, are watching as the world has betrayed Aleppo, and nothing can make up for the lives lost or shattered. An investigation by the International Criminal Court may not be possible right now, but evidence must be preserved to ensure that those who have committed such crimes can be prosecuted in the future. Otherwise, we could well be faced with another Aleppo, and the cries of “never again” will, again, ring hollow.


Azad Kashmir, December 19.