To solve the electricity problem, the government of Pakistan is making coal power plants and by doing so is adding to the biggest threat to the world; climate change. In Madrid, half of the vehicles were banned from the streets in order to safeguard public health. It along with Paris, Athens and Mexico City announced to take their diesel vehicles off the road by 2025. These vehicles and power plants produce particulate matter that can enter the respiratory tract which can result in various heart complications along with diseases. 

In just over the last decade, the number of cars roaming about in Punjab has increased to a mighty 11 million the effect of which can be observed through the prevalence of smog in November last year. Moreover, 2,200 trees have been eliminated from the city in the last year thus increasing the chances of the effects of air pollution to be felt. There is a need to switch to other renewable energy sources. Why don’t we move to it and catch all radiations from the sun. Germany and UK are shutting down their plants that are emitters of greenhouse gases by 2050, France is doing this by 2023. Why is Pakistan left behind? 


Lahore, January 21.