ISLAMABAD                -          A body of foreign investors has welcomed the US government’s travel advisory to allow tourists, business travellers and British nationals based in Pakistan to travel to various parts of the country.  “The upgrade in the UK travel advisory is an appreciation by the UK government of the various initiatives of the government and the security agencies in proactively tackling the security, law and order challenges which had serious repercussions on the image of the country as a safe destination for FDI and it is a clear message to existing and potential foreign investors that there is now no need to factor in security concerns in deciding on foreign direct investment in Pakistan,” said Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI)  Secretary General, Abdul Aleem in a statement. He added that the new advisory will enable a large number of British nationals to devour the natural beauty of the land as well as the warmth & hospitality of the people across the country. He further added that the UK update is consistent with the OICCI 2019 annual security survey, which has been extensively shared with diplomats from UK and other countries, besides senior security and other persons visiting Pakistan from the Head office and Regional offices of leading multinationals operating in Pakistan, who are members of the OICCI’.