SKARDU - Fresh spell of rain and snowfall in Gilgit-Baltis­tan is expected to contin­ue till Monday (tomor­row).

Snowfall recorded in Skardu, Astore, Ka­lam, Bagrote and Gupis during past 24 hours.

The lowest minimum temperature in Paki­stan reported in Skardu on Saturday with minus 20°Celsius, Pakistan Me­teorological Department said.

According to reports, in upper areas of Gil­git-Baltistan mini­mum temperature has dropped to as low as mi­nus 25 Celsius. The peo­ple have been restrict­ed to homes due to fresh spell of snowfall.

Gilgit-Skardu Road has also been blocked due to land-sliding. The passen­gers stranded at the road have been rescued by the military troops and trans­ported by helicopters.