The G-8 leaders are meeting in Canada today. World leaders were searching for common ground on economics, health, security and other issues as three days of summits. Among the issues to be discussed will be fuirther sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme - building on expanded Security Council measures adopted this month. The US and EU want tough sanctions but China and Russia only reluctantly support sanctions, and have balked at new unilateral steps against Iran, saying any measures should not exceed those called for by the Security Council. Some 12 leaders representing the fast-growing developing economies including China, India and Brazil also arrived to attend the summit. US President Barack Obama has called for more spending to keep world economies from slipping back into recession. He is being rebuffed by leaders in Europe and Japan, who have emphasized cutting government spending and raising taxes to try to keep their deficits in check. Obama is also calling for an overhaul of financial regulations to prevent another global meltdown.