LAHORE - Out of total 507 foreign medical and dental graduates from 15 countries of the world who appeared in examination of National Examination Board (NEB), only 18 could pass with overall pass percentage 3.55 per cent. None of the seven dental graduates could get through the exam, said results announced by NEB on Friday. National Examination Board is a body constituted by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) which conducts examinations to determine the professional competence or otherwise of a candidate for registration and equivalence of his/her foreign medical and dental qualifications. Last year, PMDC handed over the task of conducting registration examination to University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore. Theory examination was held in Islamabad on June 20. Registration examination is conducted twice a year and it is mandatory for every foreign doctor or dentist to pass this examination before he/she is allowed to practice in Pakistan. The result of registration exam was announced in a press conference here at the university by the members of the NEB where UHS Vice Chancellor Prof MH Mubbashar was also present. Other members present on the occasion included Prof Dr Gul Muhammad, Prof Dr Jaffar Khan, Prof Dr Rafiq Chatta, and Maj Gen (r) Tassawar Hussain. It was told that from China 207 candidates appeared in the exam out of which only six passed, from Kyrgyz Republic 110 appeared, three passed, from Kazakhstan 69 appeared, five passed, from Bangladesh four appeared two passed whereas one candidate each from Lithuania and Kenya could get through the exam. From Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, Damascus, Dominican Republic, Philippine, Romania, Georgia and Ukraine no candidate could pass the exam. However, it is interesting to note the same question paper was given to 32 Pakistani medical graduates from Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore and Services Institute of Medical Sciences, and 10 dental graduates from de Montessori College of Dentistry Lahore, out of which only two medical and one dental graduate failed. The members of NEB recommended all those foreign graduates who failed in the exam must be given proper training of one year under PMDC controlled centres in all four provinces of the country. The roll numbers of successful foreign graduates are as follows: 101105, 101119, 101121, 101157, 101197, 101198, 101251, 101331, 101333, 101370, 101402, 101403, 101407, 101416, 101455, 101458,1 01478, 101501.