The budget was passed on Friday but the major opposition party the PML-N still made a political point perhaps to dismiss the notion of the friendly opposition for the first time since the inception of the incumbent parliament. It was perhaps a decisive move by the PML-N that they paid no heed to Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikhs request of refraining from doing politics on fiscal policy and declared it a one-sided budget. The PML-N had to do so as they needed an issue at this point of time to follow their open secret like design to gradually reach the target of demanding mid-term elections eventually. The passage of the Budget 2010-2011 had also clearly given out tips for the future making and breaking of the political alliances. Although dividing lines had already emerged within the opposition especially during the budget session, the PML-Q declining to join the 'Ns walkout has clearly marked the division. So much so that the Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Ch Nisar had to say that the incident had marked the division in the opposition. This has not only rendered forlorn the saner anticipations that the two factions of the Pakistan Muslim League might go for an eventual rapprochement for being in natural bond of sharing the Opposition benches, but also hinted at the future direction of the two. Political pundits have termed the two factions of the Pakistan Muslim League that are independent parties now, finally parting their ways as an end to the PML-N role as friendly opposition. Getting over optimistic, they foresaw a triumph of the so-called reconciliatory politics of the PPP in luring the PML-Q to joint the government at any suitable point of time during rest of the current term. In case the PML-N goes further away from the PPP it would risk in the first place its alliance in Punjab. Similarly, if the PML-Q manages to get closer to the PPP, the first expression of this would be marriage of convenience would be an alliance in Punjab. The PML-N would have to forego or at least put at stake the partys rule in Punjab, the largest province of the country in terms of population, if it really wants to assume the role of genuine opposition in the centre as against being a friendly opposition. Since it is not an easy decision, therefore the PML-N top leadership seems still indecisive on this. As they say there was nothing final in politics, the PML-N was also appearing to play politics for sometime in a deliberate indecision. So far reading of the current real politik in the country indicates only one thing as decided on part of the PML-N is their target for a mid-term elections. A PML-N MP affected of the partys drive against fake degrees shared his grievance with this scribe saying, they have sacrificed us but for a greater gain. His vague complaint against his party leadership made sense when it was read with the statement of Chaudhry Nisar the fake degree issue could lead to mid-term elections.