By firing General Stanely McCrystal, President Barack Obama has established the supremacy of democracy. The US has established that civilian authority is mightier than the military power. The disparaging remarks made by General McCrystal about the Obama administration were the cause that led to his exit. The power of democracy is why the American nation continues to survive at the top. We need to have this kind of democracy too if we are interested in our survival as a nation. We ought to make our Parliament and other civilian institutions supreme. A democratically empowered Parliament should have the power to take all decisions by itself rather than being dictated from high by the military high-ups. With General McCrystals exit, gaze of the world is fixed firm on Afghanistan. What fate would befall this devastated, war-ravaged little country now is the question that would be asked by all. The Counter Insurgency Strategy (COINS) introduced by General McCrystal worked some bit but it had failed to be the unqualified success it had been hoped to be. The US has thus far not even been able to claim a clear success in the capture of a little town called Marjah in Helmand province. General McCrystal was compelled to call it a 'bleeding ulcer. But his proposed Counter Insurgency strategy was probably better than some other policies of US here because it did, at least, offered civilian protection and some prospect of political stability. His exit, though, has created an impression that there were differences of policy between the civilian authority and the military over the Afghanistan debacle. The US needs to assuage such concerns. A clear victory in Afghanistan is undoubtedly impossible McCrystal had once said himself. The only solution of Afghanistan is a pull out of US forces.-BADAR UL ISLAM, Islamabad, June 25.