LAHORE Though it was a Private Members Day of the Punjab Assembly on Friday, but nothing from the agenda except the Question Hour was considered since mainly it was about demand for giving provincial status to Southern Punjab, and construction of the Kalabagh Dam, which happened so because the Treasury was successfully able to knockout the Opposition. On the last day of the budget session, the Day was given in lieu of Tuesday, and the Opposition had agenda of introducing the In-House Working Women Protection Bill 2010, and resolutions about the Southern Punjab, KBD and provision of free education up to graduation. On the other hand, Treasurys members wanted to bring two resolutions on lifting ban on the passing of designs for commercial constructions and withdrawing various surcharges on the utility bills. During the budget session, members from all political parties belonging to the Southern Punjab passionately propagated the idea of a separate province, and most of them were ready to get the resolution passed. It also became important since the political parties had also started endorsing the plan. However, the convenient absence of Senior Advisor to Chief Minister Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa, his son minister of many departments Dost Muhammad Khan Khosa, PML-Fs Makhdoom Ahmed Mahmood and Leader of the Opposition Ch Zaheer-ud-Din was conspicuous one. The answer to leaving the agenda unattended owes to many factors. First the proceedings were started with a delay of about quarter to two hours. Secondly, the Question-Hour was extended by about 10 minutes, which was followed by a long laudatory speech verging on sycophancy by Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan for Leader of the House Shahbaz Sharif, which was not part of the agenda at all. Almost the same was done by Treasurys Tahir Khalil Sindhu. At this moment, the Opposition sought Point of Order, but declined by Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal, which made PML-Qs Amna Ulfat stage walkout to come back as well. This deviation was further expanded by Oppositions Samina Khawar Hayyat certainly better known for this on all important occasions when serious debate is either in progress or yet to take place presented Qs white paper regarding N-Leagues 'bad performance to the CM. Then PML-Qs Muhammad Mohsin Khan Leghari did the damage himself when he after scoring Point of Order from the Speaker through chit asked Shahbaz Sharif to hold briefings for the MPAs regarding the National Finance Commission Award and the 18th amendment, which were constitutional obligations. Obviously, this was to be responded by Shahbaz Sharif, who assured the MPAs that they would be briefed on salient features of the Amendment and the 7th NFC Award in the next session, while accepting the demand of Mohsin Leghari. Shahbaz Sharif also mentioned that the Punjab Cabinet had been briefed already on the issues. About the white paper, the CM also assured the members that he would admit before the House if financial mismanagement, corruption or negligence on part of his government was proved. I will read the brochure, and even if it is proved to be hypothesis, I will prove it in the House with documents, he said, while warning that if the white paper was baseless, they are inviting us to publish a brochure exposing corruption of the PML-Q government and money for this purpose will not be taken from the public exchequer, but from personal pocket, he added. At 12:25pm, the CM left the Floor, and it was followed by fast exodus of the Treasury members. At that moment, the Opposition was perhaps thinking that the Speaker would start with the agenda, but after five minutes of CMs departure, Rana Iqbal prorogued the House without reading Governors order a parliamentary tradition certainly leaving Opposition benches stranded without help or hope of recovery by not allowing enough time to react even.