ISLAMABAD Rejecting the Federal Investigation Agencys (FIA) investigations into Rs 22 billion Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) scam, the Supreme Court Friday ordered the Director General FIA to probe (especially) the big guns that led the PSM to bankruptcy and submit report in this regard within three weeks. A three-member bench of the apex court headed by the Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was hearing a suo moto case of Rs 22 billion embezzlement in the PSM. Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan and Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday were the other members of the bench. The FIA Director (Legal) submitted a report but the court expressed dissatisfaction over it. The Chief Justice said that embezzlement of Rs 22 billion was not a small thing. He said the SC would not spare anyone if the recovery was not made. The Deputy Attorney General said that some people had been arrested and their property had been seized. Justice Ramday remarked that arresting small people was no solution. The Director (Legal) informed the court that FIA recovered Rs 170 million from the looters. Justice Ramday remarked that it was amazing that out of billions of rupees corruption, a few millions had been recovered. It shows that the minor looters are being made scapegoat while the 'big crocodiles are moving freely and no one could dare ask them, he held. Barrister Zafarullah, Chairman Pakistan Wattan Party, informed the bench that according to the audit report of the Auditor General of Pakistan, there were Rs 39 billion embezzlements in the PSM, however this report was only for 8 months and if the audit report of entire year 2007-08 was presented, the corruption amount would exceed Rs 70 billion. The Chief Justice remarked that this was not a small issue and the entire money should be returned to the national exchequer. Barrister Zafarullah further said that Lal G, owner of four companies, was involved in this corruption and when his corruption was exposed by the media, he sent defamation notices to some media organisations and posed threats to them through these notices. He further informed the bench that the Chief Justice had stopped the privatisation of the PSM but now skyrocketing corruption had engulfed it and those who exposed corruption were served with defamation notices. He requested the bench that the defamation cases should be brought to the Supreme Court from Sindh High Court so that the media organisation could also become party in the case and the real situation could come to the surface.