Los Angeles  - Fast & Furious star Michelle Rodriguez hopes there will not be any fighting between female characters if Eva Mendes returns to the wildly successful franchise. Mendes is rumoured to resume her role as Agent Monica Fuentes for the eighth instalment of the series but Rodriguez says she hopes the women will not come to blows. Asked about the casting chatter at the launch of the Fast & Furious themed ride at Universal Studios in Hollywood, Rodriguez, who plays mechanic Letty, said: “Is that what they are cooking up? “I think that first off, girls should stop fighting each other and we should start uniting for once. That’s how I feel about that. Secondly, I think that everything is speculation until we actually shooting and we’re immortalising stuff on film.” The actress also said she was not sure an all-female spin-off of the franchise would be a hit: “I think it’s cute but you do lose a lot of audience when you specialise like that. It’s kind of like a black organisation or Latino organisation making content just for Latinos or blacks. It’s stupid. You know what I mean? “If I were ever to do it, I think you have to be all encompassing. You have to think holistically and look for the broader audiences. And I don’t like hating on guys to make women powerful. I think you can do both. Mad Max is proof of that.” The Fast & Furious - Supercharged ride at the Los Angeles theme park takes crowds through a car chase and explosions all in the comfort of the tram they take round the backlot studio tour. Thinking about seeing herself and co-stars Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson and Luke Evans on a 360 degree screen in 3D, she said: “It’s like being immortalised forever. “This was cool, it was mainly green screen work and they put us on rigs so we could fly on to different sets. I can’t even explain it.” Jason Statham, who joined the franchise in the sixth instalment as the menacing Deckard Shaw, joined the ride to support his co-stars.

Asked how he would feel to join another huge franchise, this time as James Bond, Statham said he would accept in a heartbeat. “I’m British, it is a part of our culture and it would be silly for anyone to turn that down, they would need their heads testing. It’s one of my favourite franchises of all time and if that knock came on the door I would say yes.”

However, Statham added that nobody can replace current Bond Daniel Craig: “Nobody can fill Daniel’s boots, he’s a tremendous actor and whoever does it will be very different to Daniel. He’s got his own identity and has played a fantastic role and I really respect him as an actor and he’s played a great Bond.”