ISLAMABAD - Despite serious governance issues in Sindh, ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz-led Federal Government seems little inclined to go for any extreme step, like imposition of Governor’s Rule in the province, to put the house in order, mainly due to the 18th Constitutional Amendment which has made things beyond the reach of ruling PML-N in the given situation, and secondly Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif’s firm stands on honouring the mandate of people where they have.

Background interviews with party leaders, constitutional experts and the information shared by the sources close to the ruling elite brought to fore the fact that Premier Sharif and his close aides as well as other stakeholders handling the things in restive and turbulent port city of Karachi are not happy the way people at the helms of affairs are running the province, but despite suggestions and proposals from many a sides to take some corrective measures, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is in no mood to go for taking some extreme steps like imposition of Governor’s Rule in Sindh and wants to bring things in order through the existing governance setup in the metropolis.

Sources in the party said the matter of Sindh Government’s failures came under discussion in the core group of the ruling PML-N but the proposal of clamping down Governor’s Rule never figured in these meetings keeping in view the constitutional limitation of the ruling PML-N which in given situation cannot get it approved from both houses of the Parliament.

These sources further informed that Prime Minister Sharif, though not happy with the way Pakistan People’s Party-led coalition government is running the governmental affairs in Karachi, but he is not in favour of taking any extreme step as he believes that such a move will have serious negative fallout on the overall political dispensation in the country.

A federal cabinet member, on condition of anonymity, said Premier Sharif will be the last person to approve such a move because he is of the view that political parties should respect each other’s mandate and should shun the politics of leg-pulling and undermining each other.

He further said that it is in the same spirit that Premier Sharif in the recent past has strictly rejected the party’s AJK chapter from playing any role in the dislodging of PPP-led government there, while under the same policy PML-N has not supported the idea of dislodging PTI government in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa floated by JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman in the peak protest days of PTI against federal government.

Sources in the party said that Prime Minister Sharif wants to see the political governments completing their mandated terms as he believes that those who failed to deliver will be filtered out from the process of elections and that was the reason he just wants to see the incumbent political dispensation afloat and complete its mandated terms both in provinces and at federal level.

Sources further informed that ruling PML-N can go for enhancing the powers of apex committee dealing with the law enforcement and terrorists hunting in the provincial metropolis and cannot go for any extreme step, the demand for which was also coming from those dealing with these matters in port city.

The constitutional and legal experts commenting on the issue said that PML-N cannot clamp down Governor’s Rule in the province even if it so desires because under Article 234 of the Constitution the federal government will require to get the Governor’s Rule ratified from both houses of the Parliament, separately, within 10 days of its imposition in the province. As the ruling PML-N and its allies have not even simple majority in the Upper House of the Parliament and one of its coalition partner JUI-F can also wavier on the move because of its close affinity with the Pakistan People’s Party it will become impossible to get it approved from the Upper House of the Parliament.

So in the given situation ruling PML-N cannot be in a position to go for imposition of Governor’s Rule in Sindh to avoid its negative fallout on the system, and would prefer to roll on its agenda in the province through apex committee and Rangers, a source in the party commented.