Mishermayl LGS troupe will be taking part in International Folk Meetings Malopolska, Poland which is being held from the 29th of June till the 13th of July 2015. The International Folk Meetings event includes participants from 10 countries. Mishermayl LGS troupe is the first and only group of folk dancers and musicians that have been selected to represent Pakistan’s culture in Poland.

Mishermayl Troupe is certified as the National Section by CIOFF (International Council of Organizations for Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts. CIOFF is the official partner of UNESCO which is sponsoring the International Folk Meetings event.

The Mishermayl Troupe has been very active locally in promoting Pakistan’s cultural heritage through its musical performance, folk dance and art displays. It has also promoted the national culture in international festivals.

The MishermaylTroupe is headed by Madiha Gul, Associate Member and Representative of CIOFF in Pakistan and Ali Aftab Saeed, the Managing Director of Mishermayl Productions and the lead musician who will be performing with the troupe as well as mentoring young singers to perform with him. The troupe consists of 28 students who will be participating in the festival and performing in Myslenice, Miechow, Dobczyce, and Wolbrom (Poland).