Submarine cable fault slows net service in Pakistan

Lahore (Staff Reporter): The International submarine cable SEA-ME-WE 4 has experienced a fault in Arabian Sea, impacting internet services in the region including Pakistan. The restoration work has been initiated by the international consortium that manages the submarine cable systems. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) by virtue of its investments in diversified International Submarine Cable systems, has already undertaken necessary measures to provide internet connectivity to its customers across Pakistan.  However, due to the fault in this undersea cable, the internet users may experience slow browsing during this period.

TUV Austria awards ISO Certification to textile exporter

LAHORE (PR): TUV Austria Bureau of Inspection & Certification (Pvt.) Ltd has successfully awarded its ISO certification to Kausar Processing Industries. It is one of the largest producer and exporter of textile products in Pakistan of both domestic and international clients with quality products for last 30 years. Moreover, the Anis Kausar Processing Industries has also been granted ISO 9001 Quality Management system by the TUV Austria, ensuring customer confidence leading to no objections at the international market regarding quality. To be the first choice of national as well as multinational companies in Pakistan for the third party independent certification, TUV Austria BIC has reached milestones in its journey.

The Group has the honor of serving customers in more than 300 areas of expertise, having presence of 50 plus offices in more than 40 countries. Its scope of services is extensive in the fields of food safety, quality, environmental, occupational health and safety and other critical sectors.

Cotton growers told to beware of sucking pests, weeds

MULTAN (APP): Agriculture experts have warned cotton farmers to beware of sucking pests’ attack and weeds growth saying that ongoing rains provide a conducive environment to the looming threats and farmers must adopt proper measures if they want to get good yield. An agriculture spokesman said in a statement on Thursday that white fly, thrips, aphid and mites suck juice from leaf and lessen the plants’ capability to form food. Thrips and mites’ also attack flowers and bolls in addition to leaf. In case of intense attack, the lower part of the leaf turn white or brown. Adult and Pupae of Aphid and white fly suck juice from lower part of leaf and excretes sticky liquid that causes fungus and compromises leaves’ capacity to prepare food.

Farmers should do pest scouting twice a week, perform light irrigation, and keep the field free from weeds.

The economic threshold level (ETL) for white fly is five adult or pupae per leaf, 8-10 adult or pupae per leaf for Thrips, 10 adult or pupae per leaf in case of mites.

When infestation of pests reaches ETL, farmers should consult agriculture officials for application of pesticides.

0.5m workers to get jobs in carpet industry

LAHORE (APP): The Punjab government has initiated different measures for creating job opportunities for 500,000 additional workers in the carpet industry. The labour intensive carpet industry is the largest cottage industry of the country and the government is working to revive it for creating jobs and enhancing the export of carpet, a senior official of Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) told APP here on Thursday. He said export of carpet was a handsome source of earning foreign exchange and the government was taking steps for blooming of the carpet industry. Pakistan produces many varieties of carpet using different kinds: wool, using different dyeing, weaving and finishing techniques which are quite unique in the world.

He said that the skill of carpet weaving was alive from generation to generation by skilful artisans of the country.

The Punjab government is providing assistance to enhance the skill of the labourers and provide funds for the non-formal education of the labourers in this field.

Mobile phone imports up by 15.86pc in 11 months

ISLAMABAD (APP): The mobile phone imports into the country increased by 15.86pc during first 11 months of the year 2014-15 over the same period of last year. The imports of mobile phones into the country during July-May (2014-15) were recorded at $653.808m against the imports of $564.293m during same period of last year. On year on year and month on month basis, the mobile phone imports into the country also increased by 20.72 per cent and 3.27 per cent when compared to the imports in May 2014 and April 2015 respectively. The mobile phone imports during May 2015 stood at $58.033 million against the imports of $48.072 million in May 2014 and $56.194 million in April 2015, the PBS data revealed.

Similarly, the overall telecom imports also increased by 10.37 percent during July-May (2014-15) over the same period of last year.

The imports of telecom into the country during first 11 months of current fiscal year, were recorded at $1.265 billion against the imports of $1.146 billion in July-May 2014-15. On month on month and year on year basis, the telecom imports during May 2015 decreased by 28.26 per cent and 21.23 percent when compared to that of April 2014 and May 2014 respectively.