A: Tryants. All tyrants!

S: Who?

A: Bosses everywhere.

S: Now what happened.

A: Nothing happened. Its just that I have realised that being a subordinate is something I am having increasingly less patience with. Everyone who had ever paid me, wants to exploit me. My tyrannical bosses have never let me feel valued.

S: Is it the pay?

A: Yes, to a very large extent.

S: Well its a market economy. Wages are set by demand and supply.

A: That does not make it right. I need a certain amount of pay, to make me feel like the job is worth it. That sentiment had nothing to do with the market. In fact the market assigning me a lower value due to supply and demand makes the situation worse.

S: Hmmm... thats a very Marxist thing to say. I suppose I do agree with you. However, your tyrant's job is to save money.

A: Sometimes i think that a lot of rich people got together and wrote economics textbooks from their own perspective.

S: I think we let one idea of how markets are supposed to work dominate thinking so much, that we disregarded everything else. There can be different ways to distribute and work, maybe even more productive ways.

A: Look, at the core of it, a job is for satisfaction of needs. Being valued as a human being, being recognised for my talent, is also a need. When we are made to feel like cogs in a machine, that is the seed of all dissent for the economic and political system.

S: So Ameen, you are a revolution in the making are you?!

A: If I had my way, yes.